About Us

Why do we do this?

LocalSuperfan.com was built so you can save $$$ and strengthen your local business community.

How do we do this?

When you use LocalSuperfan.com coupons you not only make the money $$$ in your budget go further, you help sustain local jobs, build community with your neighbors, and grow the tax base to help fix streets, improve city services and beautify your town.

What are we?

LocalSuperfan.com is an online local coupon store where you can find deals on businesses in your town.

Did you know?

For every 500 LocalSuperfans in your community who make the decision to use 3 local coupons per week you can increase your community’s sales tax revenue by up to 5% per year. And you can generate more than $2 million annually into your local economy that strengthens the community.

The difference when you spend local…

For every $100 you spend how much recirculates back into the community?

At a local independent business: $48

At an in-town chain outlet: $14

On Amazon.com: $1 (if the UPS driver is local)

Where the LocalSuperfan dollars go…

When you use LocalSuperfan coupons 100% of the money you spend with the business stays with that business.

LocalSuperfan relies on your subscription to support our services. Of your monthly subscription, the lion’s share stays local. The remainder provides processing fees, server costs and IT support.

Join LocalSuperfan today and start saving immediately!